Studio One Product Key

Studio One Product Key

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Studio One Product Key

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You can find your Product Key by visiting under your Account page. It will take you to a page with your personal information including your name and address. If you are unsure of your mailing address, it is a good idea to create one using the contact us option on the site. Then you can just print the page and keep it with your documentation.

One of my friend already come up with the exact same problem. I have tried so many ways to get the exact solution but no luck. Can anyone help?
See the image below.

I’m not sure what solutions I can try but there are a number of things I’ve already tried. My first attempt was to get the exact same issue back to pre-April. To do this I ran a registry search for the “studioone” and “studioone 5”. This is what I got back. This registry search worked before April.

After this I went through all my USB ports, CDs, and DVDs and came back to no prevail. Unfortunately my friend came to the same result as well.


You will have to contact the manufacturer as you need to change your activation to a new one. You cannot apply your old activation keys to a new Studio One product.

You may have multiple user accounts on a computer (additional accounts/users). If you are unable to activate Studio One to a new activation, you need to log in to a different account.
If a user has Studio One on one PC and a different user on a different PC, the PC with Studio One must be registered for the studioone activation.
Finally, you must download the Studio One activation key to the other PC. Simply use “Show My Existing Product Keys” to find the Studio One activation key in your account. See
For information on the differences between the Studio One activation key and the product key, see Working with product keys and Activation.


How do I obtain the product key for a registered version of the software?


This problem would be a result of your licensee having multiple Studio One licenses registered. You’re the only one authorized to use your license, and now several unauthorized uses have taken place, i.e. more than one user has the same license.
You should, therefore, take the following steps to investigate:

Log in to any existing Studio One installation.
Go to File > Register Product.
Enter the license key.
Replace any old license key in the license box.

If you find that multiple licenses are still active, proceed with the following:

Log in to the web site for the Studio One application (
Sign in with your username and password.
Go to My Studio One.