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Split Second icon pack offers you some skilfully crafted icons that were created especially for you to use onto your home computer with your dock applications. The icons, that are availble in PNG format, are inspired by the arcade racing game Split Second Velocity







Split Second Icon Pack License Key Full [2022]

• Submissions are welcomed. If you would like to donate or sponsor icons send an email with your idea to Split Second icon pack Crack Google Group.
• Downloads: 1.8.4 mb
• Author: MasterIsac

There are over 6000 free and premium icons available and hosted by our community of artists. The pack offers quality free stock icons ranging from icons with a standard blue or black background, icons with a white background, icons with a transparent background, transparent source and source with grey background. In total more than 2900 icons included in the pack.
We consider that icons with a transparent or grey background are excellent for several applications. These are especially useful for a user experience and clear design.
The icon pack includes premium icons for applications that require a premium icons, that are regular icons, icons with a transparent and source with black background and grey background.
In addition the pack includes round icons, the set includes over 1500 icons, this is very beneficial for business and application icons and for a user experience and clear design.
Two icons are provided for each icon pack, there are also 24 lines of comments. The icons, that are availble in PNG format, are inspired by the arcade racing game Split Second Velocity.
A list of icons, that are featured in each icon pack, is available to use as a reference.

Bright Icosphere Icon Pack is brought to you by the developers of the ‘Iceicos Pack’.
This icon pack contains over 2500 free and premium icons. All of the icons are scalable and can be resized to fit your needs.

The application icons, that are included in the pack, are available in various styles. The icons are arranged into five categories: Iconic, Mini, Detailed, Mega and Rocket Style.
Every Icon can be shared via Twitter, Email, Facebook and Pinterest with the ‘Share’ option.
All of the free icons are also available for commercial use.
All of the icons were designed using a free icon design software application, that is a native application for the Google Android platform.
The application icon pack is available in three versions; the first version is a free application for personal use, a second version is a full paid version which includes just a few extra icons for commercial use, and the third version, also included in the pack, is a combination of these two.

This pack contains 3,000 free and premium icons, all of them are grouped in the same categories mentioned

Split Second Icon Pack Crack+

Split Second icon pack Free Download is designed especially for your desktop, it offers you quite a lot of crafted & great looking 9 icons that will make you instantly recognisable of this beautifully crafted racing game.

I’d give this a 7, pretty good quality, and a great layout.


03-05-2014, 10:27 PM

Split Second icon pack Torrent Download

I finished the icon-pack, I hope you like it

Split Second Icon Pack – Download:

Also, an instruction for use:

You want to install this icon-pack? Right click the icon-pack and press “install”.The icon pack is installed, it will be on your desktop.

When you start the icon-pack, you will find some icons, if you select “File|Show package contents”, and you find the folder: “icons”, this is where you have to drag&drop the icons into the icon-pack-folder, named “icons”.

I hope this helped you, if you have any problems or questions, write me.


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Split Second Icon Pack

I finished the icon-pack, I hope you like it

Split Second Icon

Split Second Icon Pack Crack+ Registration Code Free For PC

The Split Second: Velocity icon pack includes 12 compact icons.

Icon size: 15×15 pixels

Icon type: Vector

The icon packs contains:

1. Split Second: Velocity icon pack

2. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 2

3. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 3

4. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 4

5. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 5

6. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 6

7. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 7

8. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 8

9. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 9

10. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 10

11. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 11

12. Split Second: Velocity icon pack 12


Split Second logo


This is the original split second logo you downloaded with the icon set pack.


Fancy Split Second icon set


Icons from Splits seconds iconset are available in PNG format, and are inspired by the arcade racing game Split Second Velocity

The icons are available in 16×16, 24×24 and 48×48 pixel sizes

This icon set is only available to download with this icon set pack.


You can download this icon pack from above link “Install ICONS IN YOUR HOMELES”.

Once download is complete you can move the “icons” folder to your “User\
icons” folder.


Use the custom installer

You can either “Install exe” or “Install IFC”. See instructions below.

If you would prefer to customise the installation, you can use the custom installer from the installation folder (filename is SplashscreenInstall.exe).

The custom installer is automated; only 7 steps are needed to complete the install and setup:

1. “Unzip” the icon pack and then use the built in custom install function to extract each icon to their respective folder.

2. Customize the Splash Screen which will also run the setup program.

3. Start the setup program.

4. If you have selected to install “exes” there will be an icon with the “unzip” function in the bottom left corner (like Windows does to show the unzip program). Click that icon to start the un

What’s New in the Split Second Icon Pack?

* Freely available icons for your desktop, your dock or any other use
* A version for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista is available
* Scales to 16, 20, 24 and 32, each with matching version of icons
* More than 300 icons

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System Requirements For Split Second Icon Pack:

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2017) with a compatible HDMI connection
(2017) with a compatible HDMI connection Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa (2nd Generation) with a compatible HDMI connection
(2nd Generation) with a compatible HDMI connection Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa (1st Generation) with a compatible HDMI connection
(1st Generation) with a compatible HDMI connection Amazon Fire TV (2018) with a compatible HDMI connection
(2018) with a compatible HDMI connection Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with a compatible HDMI connection
Connect your Fire TV