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First of all, they do not ask much of their accountant. The accountant submits to them the income statement form and goes away. Most owners do not know the income was low, but it was low. They asked for an $800 raise, but the accountant only gave them a $900 raise. Not because the $800 was not earned, but because he made a mistake.

Secondly, they are not reviewing their business’s financial situation. They ask the accountant to submit a W-2 and 1099. They do not check the W-2 or 1099 to make sure the income was correct. They assume it is correct. They just move on.

Thirdly, they do not understand how the W-2 and 1099 translate into the reality of their business’s financial situation. Many of them just assume their income was what was shown on the report. The reality is, the W-2 and 1099 do not tell them much. They do not understand how the W-2 and 1099 income statement form translates into their business’s financial situation.

To the unaware business owner, the W-2 and 1099 income statement form is what it is, “A form we have to fill out so the IRS knows how much money we made.” If they discover an error, they just file for a correction. However, it is imperative that we learn how the W-2 and 1099 income statement form relates to the real financial position

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How to completely close and print out a file in a linux environment without risking loss of data?

I want to print out a text file in my linux environment, but not sure how to do this, without having the potential of losing my data.
My OS is Fedora Core 6. What command do I use?


To print out a file named “foo” you can do something like
cat foo | lpr

Alternately, you can use something like pdflatex to generate a PDF and then print that or save it to a PDF file:
pdflatex myfile.tex
lpr myfile.pdf

Dresdner Asphalttechnik, based in Dresden, Germany, said Tuesday that its newly-completed wind turbines will generate energy of up to 0.8 GW of electricity for the company and an unspecified number of other customers, including wind farms, domestic power-generating companies and green energy providers.

The Copenhagen-based wind company said the new turbines are capable of producing energy for 1,500 to 6,000 homes.

“The new grid-tied system can be used to cover the entire wind farm as well as to supply higher power demands and cannot therefore be limited to a single residence,” said Jorgen Rasmussen, the chief executive of the company.

However, Dresdner Asphalttechnik estimates the market size for grid-tied renewable energy systems to be between 10 GW and 20 GW by 2020.

Although the system was originally developed for wind farms, Rasmussen said the technology could also be used in existing arrays of wind turbines, as well as in other applications, such as solar power and biogas.

Dresdner Asphalttechnik, owned by the German-based constructors, has supplied more than 200 MW of grid-tied wind energy systems for use on offshore platforms in the North Sea.

“In the recent years, offshore applications have been a significant growth market for the company. In Europe, this market has grown to become the fastest-growing market segment,” Rasmussen said.

Dresdner As