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AnalogX SoftSubmit is the easiest way to submit your software to some of the most popular file archives and directories on the net. Unlike other submission software, AnalogX SoftSubmit doesn’t require you to log in to each of the sites and submit your software over and over. AnalogX SoftSubmit will automatically tell you which sites accept your particular software, and you can choose to submit to them all at once or one at a time.
Submitting via AnalogX SoftSubmit is a snap – just fill out the forms or create your own customized email message with the information you want to submit, submit it, and let your computer do the rest! At many of the file archives, the information you submit will be automatically processed and your file will be submitted. At many of the sites, you can choose to login at your convenience and manually enter the information the staff there wants to see.
AnalogX SoftSubmit is FREE! You will only need to pay to have your files checked by a file archivist at a specific site. However, the sites also have set price for submissions – most of them charge from $10-$20 to check your software. I have found that the sites that charge the most to check your files are usually the biggest file sites that you are submitting to! If you want a more compact file site that will check your files for little to no charge, check out Filebase for those! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly by email.
Since AnalogX SoftSubmit doesn’t require you to login to each of the sites, my friend, you’re not on deadline to submit your program to some of the best sites on the net. However, if you want to submit your program to more than 20 sites (more than 5 of them charge to check your program), then this program may not be for you.
This license covers personal use only – you may NOT distribute or sell this program. The files themselves are not free (or licensed) for distribution or sale purposes. If you use the “Contact Author” link at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to my web site. There, you can have a personalized, free download of the program or get the source code if you wish.

Will this program run on Windows 98 or Windows 2000?

Stackexchange, a site for programmers, has a question about this, and what seems to be a similar situation, according to them.

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A little software you use daily should always be used with the latest version (if you’re happy with it) – this means you’re using the latest version of your favorite software, and so should be submitting it to the latest directories as well. This may not be the case for older versions, however, and if it is, you can create the SoftSubmit entries for your older versions in the database, and they’ll automatically be sent to all of the updated archives. As an added bonus, SoftSubmit will add in the title and author information as well so you can present your work in a more professional way to the admins.
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As you know, there are some clients who are reluctant to learn these things, who want some easy solutions. But it does not make sense to make the development harder. The model is not necessarily something that will be

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AnalogX SoftSubmit is the easiest way to submit your software to dozens of file archives and directories at once.
SoftSubmit runs in your background while you’re doing your daily chores, so you have more time to work on your programs.
SoftSubmit is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It even makes building your software easier by having one all-in-one directory structure for every Archive you submit to.
Download Software:
A zip file which includes:
– SoftSubmit.exe
– SoftSubmit.doc
– Setup_Guide_SoftSubmit.pdf
– SoftSubmit_Help.pdf
– SoftSubmit_Demo.cpp
– Documentation.txt
– Now supports Shortcut Support for Windows 7 and Vista (Visual Studio 2008 users will require VS2008 Service Pack 1 or Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 to install the installation file).
– Now supports Directories with same permissions as the SoftSubmit directory (all directories will be sent via a shared-permissions account).
– Now supports `X-SoftSubmit-Path` and `X-SoftSubmit-Directory` attribute for effective readability.
– Now supports deletion of `.zip` files after submission.
– Now supports users being able to manually make changes to SoftSubmit configuration (i.e. swap the zip directory location).
– Now supports username and password for both the configuration and the account used by SoftSubmit.
– Now supports users not being prompted for credentials when submitting to a shared-permissions directory.
– Now supports the admin emailing and notifying the user after soft submission is complete.
– Now supports an admin to simply hit the “Done” button to have SoftSubmit shut off.
– Now supports shortcuts for Windows 7 and Vista (Visual Studio 2008 users will require VS2008 Service Pack 1 or Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 to install the installation file).
– Now supports editing the installer to simply add a shortcut to SoftSubmit and leave the remainder of the installer as-is.
– Now supports plugin support (the inclusion of third party files that can be placed in the SoftSubmit directory without a risk of causing problems to the rest of the applications).
The installation script will be in the form of a `.zip` file that includes both the original SoftSubmit.exe and the SoftSubmit.exe shortcut for Windows 7 and Vista. An all-

What’s New In SoftSubmit?

SoftSubmit is a software archive submission program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It automates the tedious and error-prone task of submitting your programs to the net. SoftSubmit lets you submit to more than 50 file archives and software sites simply by entering your information ONCE, and then you can let your computer do the work for you for all those sites in the future!
SoftSubmit now also allows you to submit via email, which, for those of you who don’t like manually entering all of the information, is wonderful. Now you don’t have to put up with being rejected, either. You will receive emails from the site admins telling you if your software is accepted, rejected, or awaiting approval.
SoftSubmit is packed with enhancements that ensure reliability and speed.

It now supports submissions via email! You can submit your app to an archive by sending an email message to the site admin with your program’s information formatted just the way they like it. Now you don’t have to put up with being rejected, either. You’ll receive an email message from the site admin telling you if your program is accepted, rejected, or awaiting approval. No more frustration of forgetting to do a submission, or just not having the time for it.

Let your computer do the work for you. SoftSubmit is packed with enhancements that ensure reliability and speed. In less than 1 minute, it can submit to more than 50 file archives, and if you opt for custom email messages, your software submission is done in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Now you can make your own built-in “patches.” SoftSubmit now supports commercial repository submissions, and is designed to let you submit to sites on as many different platforms as possible. And, now you can even submit your software to OpenSource software sites with SoftSubmit’s new “subscriber” extension. Even if you only want to submit to the currently supported non-open-source sites, it’s easy. Just enter some basic info for the sites you want to add, and just a few minutes later, you’ll have your own custom SoftSubmit configuration options for the sites you want to use.

We know you might be thinking something like, “Hey! This is great, but does it really automates submission to all of those sites?” Yes! Over half of the current file archives don’t even require you to do any extra work once you’ve setup your own site. In fact, many of them will even let you do it

System Requirements:

You can find the latest information about the game on the official website.
Game name: Life is Feudal 2
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