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Anglicanism in Gambia: blessing a baby in the Church of England

Anglicanism in Gambia: blessing a baby in the Church of England

I write with great interest to hear of one Anglican church in Gambia having the courage to bless the newborns.

It is reported that the Church of England has begun to bless babies. As a devout Anglican, I was deeply moved.

Recently, Archbishop John Sentamu of York gave a blessing to a baby born to a family in Leeds. Many, including myself, were surprised that the Anglican communion in Britain is now permitting this practice, even in a local church. It is encouraging that this new trend is going on in the United Kingdom.

However, I am doubtful that the same practice will be permitted in Gambia, which is deeply conservative about the introduction of new religious practices. This, I believe, is because Gambia is a Muslim state.

When I was a child, I saw this practice taking place in Gambia on many occasions. When the children came out of the church after the service, they would immediately be surrounded by neighbours who had also attended church. They gave support and encouragement to the parents who had just brought their babies into the world.

It is true that Gambia has an elected president and his party will have a majority in parliament in 2010. The president, who has been in office since 1994, will again be democratically elected in 2016. The future of our democracy depends largely on how he conducts himself in office and whether he will move Gambia towards a more liberal outlook or towards that of a Sharia state.

The people of Gambia are a strong religious people. This is particularly true of the Christians who follow the Anglican faith. It is shameful to see a spiritual leader of our country deny the uniqueness of Anglican beliefs and practice, which are documented in the Bible. He is our spiritual leader, yet he is greatly wrong when he denies the Church of England.

How can this man be a spiritual leader of Gambia?



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