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Without a doubt, some of the best collaboration tools out there can make the team more productive. One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of any collaboration app is, of course, user-accessibility which is often sacrificed for as many features as possible.
This is, by no means, the case of Missive, a very user-orientated email app for Windows and macOS that boasts an impressive mix of collaboration, email and chat tools.
To get started, simply log in by using an official Missive account or with the help of your Google credentials.
User-friendly and modern GUI wrapped around powerful email and chat tools
Even from the get-go, things should feel quite familiar since Missive sports a typical layout found on most email clients out there, with the main window split into three main sections.
One of the main highlights of this app, besides its unified Inbox capabilities, is the fact that it allows you and your team members to compose emails together. Another interesting aspect is that it also supports shared conversations, which means that you can discuss with other team members directly while reviewing or composing emails.
Unified collaborative environment with practical email and chat tools
There are other noteworthy bits and bobs, as well. For example, you can comment directly within email threads, assign tasks to team members and organize conversations for the whole department or only for specific coworkers.
Quite conveniently, both chat and emails can be managed in a very similar fashion. For instance, you are able to archive and snooze both emails and chats, draft emails and even schedule them for a time of your choosing. The app also provides you with a self-explanatory "forgotten attachment reminder." and, as expected, templates and comprehensive text and HTML signatures are also supported.
Improve your workflow with the help of this Swiss Army Knife-like email client
Unfortunately, for the time being, Missive only comes with support for Gmail and Google Apps. That said, if your company's email and workflow structure are based on the services provided by Google, Missive is definitely a must-have.
To sum it up, Missive is one of the best full-featured email clients that efficiently integrates both chat and collaboration tools, without losing valuable points in the user-accessibility department.


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In Mail.app, create and manage your emails, addresses and calendars together in one integrated space. With Missive, get everything you need to work together in a user-friendly email app.

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Get notified of new messages without refreshing to see new emails when you’re away from your computer.

Key features:

• Advanced inbox: with Missive, your inbox is one unified space where all your emails, addresses, calendars, and mailboxes are in one convenient place.
• Unified inbox: with Missive, you can see all your emails, addresses, and calendars in one convenient place.
• Unified address book: all your contacts are in one place for you to access them easily and know exactly where they are, so you can communicate with them whenever and wherever you want.
• Unified calendar: all your calendars are in one place so that you can easily plan events with all your contacts, without switching between apps.
• Unified contacts: all your contacts are in one place so that you can easily view and communicate with them without having to switch between apps.
• Automatic updates: stay up to date on the latest features, security patches, and updates with a click.
• Unified search: search for all your emails, addresses, and calendars in one place.
• Lightning fast: Missive is always up to date so your work is always ready for you, all you have to do is click, type, and send.
• Secure: Missive offers end-to-end encryption for your data to make sure your email messages, calendars, and contacts are secure.

If you are using Gmail from within your favorite Google Mail app, you’re missing out on some of the best collaborative options. To give you better access, Google has just released Gmail for Windows and macOS, the first major version of their email client that comes with improved search, chat, and unified inbox features.
We’ve spent some time getting to know Gmail for Mac, and now it’s time for you to see what Google has to offer. Gmail for Windows and macOS is available in the Windows Store or Mac App Store.
The Basics
Gmail for Windows and

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Missive 7.12.0 Crack + Free Download [April-2022]

Communication in the corporate world requires a perfect balance between being efficient and being flexible. Missive is an email and collaboration tool with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing you and your team members to collaborate more effectively.
Unified Inbox with collaboration, email and chat tools
Missive allows you to collaborate with your team on personal and professional matters. With the help of its unified inbox, you can easily switch between Inbox, Sent mail, Drafts, Apps and Chat history at any time. The search bar also makes it easy to find those documents or links you’re looking for.
Organize team discussions, search directly through emails and chats
Missive also includes all the standard features of a modern email client, such as customizable filters, spellcheckers, and signature managers. Moreover, it has various template-based replies such as plain text, auto-reply, and templates. Missive also lets you organize your conversations into threads, which makes it easier for you and your coworkers to keep track of discussions. All in all, Missive is an email and collaboration app that makes the workload easier on both your team members and the company.
You can download Missive for Windows and macOS from the MacApp Store (OS X) and Google Play (Android). Missive is also available on iOS, with support for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
Note that the iOS version doesn’t provide support for Gmail, and a free version is currently in beta testing on Android.
What’s New
– New panorama layout to work with your tablets
– Add google contacts
– Optimization
What’s new in 1.7.3
– New features such as new templates, prefill content by searches, bookmarks, etc.
– Push notifications for drafts, sent mail, or chats
– Bug fixes
More details:
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Unify Crop – Mac App Store

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Janne Nugis and Kevin O’Neill from UnifyCrop take you through the Mac App Store. They show you how to find and install apps onto your MacBook or iMac, using a keyboard shortcuts and a couple of key commands

What’s New In?

Get Missive for Windows and macOS
What can I do with Missive?
Combine Work and Collaboration Tools for a Better Email Experience
An Impeccable Email Experience, Wrapped up in a User-friendly and Modern Interface
Support for Google Apps and Gmail
A Comfortable Inbox Experience With Unified Conversations
Missive is a powerful email client for macOS and Windows that combines the power of email with collaboration tools in a remarkable user-friendly interface.
Build a Powerful Team
Missive is a collaboration tool that works seamlessly with email. Add a team member to a thread, make notes directly within an email thread, and even have ongoing conversations in addition to composing emails.
Unified Email and Chat Experience
Email threads, notes, and conversations are displayed together as one complete thread. Add other team members in conversations to create a unified environment for more effective collaboration.
An Easy and Modern Experience
Unified Conversations
Missive for Windows and macOS features a modern interface that has all the right touches, whether you’re an experienced user or not.
Powerful Typing Features
You can customize every keyboard shortcut in Missive, including word prediction, auto-capitalization, punctuation, font size, and much more.
Accessibility Features
Missive has support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese input methods. Voice input support is also available.

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What’s New

13 Dec 2018.
10.0.13535, 11.3, and 11.4
– Updated from 10.0.13415, 11.3, and 11.4
– Fixed an issue where connecting to Google Drive on macOS was not working
– Fixed an issue where replies were not showing in some Mac systems

11 Dec 2018.
10.0.13534, 11.3, and 11.4
– Updated from 10.0.13414, 11.3, and 11.4
– Fixed an issue where clicking a thread in a conversation would not take you to that thread
– Fixed an issue where deleting a thread in a conversation would not delete the entire conversation

06 Dec 2018.
10.0.13533, 11.3, and 11.4
– Updated from 10.0.13413, 11.3, and 11.4
– Fixed an

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