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Smiles vs Ghost game is a mmorpg with funny gameplay, 6 to 10 hours of gameplay and lots of characters. The game will bring you to a universe where everything seems to be ordinary, but every moment is a new adventure. You as a hunter will have to jump into your car and journey through enemy cities while avoiding hitting pedestrians.
The game has 6 to 10 levels each having 3 to 8 boss fights (one boss per city). Each level will have 2 portals, one normal and one boss portal. In the normal portals you will jump and collect items along your journey. In the boss portal you will have to face one of the bosses from different “realms”.
6 to 10 hours of gameplay
3 to 8 bosses per level
Inexpensive to play
6 to 10 levels
3 to 8 Bosses per level
1 portal per level
Different enemies
Different perks
100% working on Linux/Mac OSX/Win
The controls are very simple
Use WASD keys to move around
Aim your pistol
Press space to shoot
‘a’ to sprint
(use the spacebar again to shoot)
Hold ‘w’ to jump
Hold’s’ to dash
Up key to jump
Left key to strafe left
Down key to strafe right
Release left mouse to sprint
Release left click to stop
Release right mouse to aim
Hold C to cycle weapons
Hold V to autofire
Escape to cancel
Toggle weapons with ‘t’
Rocks to survive as much as you can
Hunting – quickly kill your targets
Resources gathering – collect as much stuff as you can
Difficulty – In the higher levels your respawn time will be faster and the damage will be higher
Bonus – You can collect the “life”
Land – A bonus for the hunters
Don’t kill the pedestrians
1. Read the readme
2. Yes, its free
3. No, not in English
4. Play as a hunter
5. Yes I will
6. Play the ‘net version
7. I will share my collection
8. I never play the same game twice, so you can’t
The key directions are the following:
WAR_WAR_WAR: Smiles vs Ghosts:
Smiles vs Ghost is a fun and addictive game that you can play for free.
You as a hunter will jump in your car and journey through enemy cities while avoiding hitting pedestrians. Every level


Features Key:

  • Designed and build by DOA fighter community veterans
  • Adds metal armor and a grappling hook
  • Comes packaged in an eco-friendly bag

This item is an accessory to any of the DOA Fighters


  • Body Suit (Silver)

  • Key