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In Rise of Tarnished Gods, players assume the role of an Elden Lord, raising their own armies and doing battle with other lords from around the world.


The characters of Rise of Tarnished Gods all belong to the main race, the Elden, who are the race that obtained the power to create and shape the Lands Between.

The character of the game is divided into two types: the Noble who lives in the story-world and the Warrior who lives in the game-world.

The Noble is the main character. He is the protagonist of the story, and there is a side story revolving around him.

The Warrior is the player who can live in the game-world and fight with other lords. He is a main character of the player’s side story.


Tarnished Order

The Tarnished Order is the name of the organization that gathers all the lords who have served the Elden in return for becoming an Elden Lord.

At the start of the game, Tarnished Order will have a system that transforms all of the lords into only one class, but there are tons of disciples who have received different levels of craftsmanship. These disciples will have a strong effect on the kingdom itself, so it is important to find the best disciple for each lord.

The Tarnished Order is managed by the Grandmaster.

There are four factions that divide the lords, and the lords will receive a reward if the factions are won over.

The Elden

The Elden are the biggest faction of the Lands Between. They are basically the gods that live in the Lands Between, and it is the main theme of the story. The Elden are the gods that create and shape the Lands Between.

The Elden is the faction of Tarnished Order and the main protagonist in the story.

The Elden is managed by the Storyteller.

There are seven major gods of the Elden, and there is a side story revolving around each one of them.


Wizma is a god who is fond of opening the gates to new lands and allowing everyone to discover the unknown. A courageous god with wide shoulders and sparkling eyes, she is known to favor the newly discovered lands. The fact that her name is derived from “a window to


Features Key:

  • The Lands Between
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
    Fields and dungeons are automatically generated based on the map data changes at runtime. This leads to a game where the battles are always changing.
  • The Battle System of Worldwide Regime Change
    Different types of units having different attributes add a new dimension to the battle system. As a result, the player can make an optimal strategy using units of different types.
    New statistics on unit performance provide even higher accuracy during battle.
  • A Variety of Characters and Archetypes that Can Be Improved through Battle and Level Up
    As your character grows in the course of battle, the characters you equip, the spells you learn, and the spells you learn will all grow and evolve. Additionally, a variety of weapons and armors that will delight the eyes can be acquired while also providing tactical advantages.
    Furthermore, the spells you learn will progressively change with the types of enemies that appear when you encounter them, and you will acquire more powerful spells if you defeat tougher bosses.
    This leads to your character becoming something more than a brute and brute force warrior.
  • Sworn Enmity between Character Archetypes is Required for Online Play
    The friends you create will come together and play together in the same game with you.
    Even if you select to play with different characters, you can still actively participate in the same cooperative group through system communication.
    In addition, an important part of the online experience will be the regular events, which are a sort of online game experience that challenges players to defeat legendary bosses.
    You are able to persuade other members of the same game through the message system not only when defeating bosses, but also during the battles themselves.
    Online communication is seamlessly available within the game and offers practical advantages.
  • An Intuitive Interface that Even New Players Will Understand
    This simple interface allows new players to easily use the commands.
  • Impressive Visuals with Many Light Effects and Details
    The game also offers high-quality graphics with many light effects and detail details.
    It will provide an extremely detailed and vivid game experience.
  • Online


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    Lands Between is a fantasy action RPG with a message of positivity in which you have to adventure through three different lands by using the power of one of the most ancient and powerful relics and to stop the evil machinery of the Dark Lord.

    Lands Between is a 2D action RPG with strong fantasy elements, and at the same time, a story told in fragments through interactive narrative.

    To move forward, you need to explore the Lands Between of the continent of Argon via a procedurally generated land and a diverse array of dungeons.

    This is a sequel to Tarnished, so don’t miss out on its release.

    If you want to enjoy the fun story of Lands Between, make sure to follow the walkthrough in the Premium Application.



    — A fantasy action RPG with strong fantasy elements and a story told in fragments

    — The Lands Between is a continent with several kingdoms where fighting is often a part of daily life

    — Expect an action RPG with strong fantasy elements

    — Environments are made with organic looking materials that you can’t find in other fantasy RPGs

    — The battles are intense

    — Strong and exciting battles

    — The combat gives off the impression of being an RPG

    — You can enjoy an action game filled with incredible cuts and battles using a third-person camera view

    — More than 30 battles that will keep you entertained!

    — Skills are important, but the combat experience is what counts!

    — Use your skills to create a better strategy and encounter your enemy better

    — You can change your party members’ costumes to make them stronger

    — There are many characters with great personalities and outstanding illustrations

    — There are over 100 unique items in the game, and they can be combined

    — There are different teams with different outfits that provide different playing styles

    — Some of the items have healing effects, and they also have new skills

    — There is a wide variety of weapons that can be compared to the other fantasy RPGs

    — From crystal-sharp sword battles and powerful dragons to dynamic projectile magic, there is no shortage of battles that can be joined in

    — Many of the battles have surprising surprises

    — What awaits you in this fantasy RPG? Find out now!

    — All chapters provide smooth reading of the narrative, but the story will allow you to enjoy all the content in detail



    Elden Ring Full Version Free Download

    • FEATURES •
    Play as a lord of the Elden Ring, the noble of the Undead nation of Tarnished, and guide his army by leading them into battle.
    THE ELDEN RING is a fantasy-themed online game where the various feelings of characters and reality collide.
    The sense of being drawn into the midst of all the world’s conflicts is emphasized, and it is easy for you to feel the presence of others as you fight alongside your army.

    ◆ A vast world is filled with a variety of situations and great battles.
    ◆ Battlefronts fight for you, and you fight for your lord.
    ◆ Feel like a character from a story.Q:

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