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A physics-based horror experience inspired by the eerie, original short story of the same name by indie developer Andrew Plotkin. Created in collaboration with composer Jared Emerson-Johnson, the soundtrack features original music and sound design by Jared and Andrew, as well as The Doppelganger and Kingdom Death: Monster creators, Ron Carmel and Jack Wall.
A chilling, horror experience that challenges players’ perception of reality and reality itself. Splice features 14 unique locations, multiple endings and a variety of disturbing interactive objects that can do harm to the player. Make your decisions carefully!
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 610M or AMD HD5000 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 2 GB
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 3.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon HD 7850
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 4 GB

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How to find “work” (motion across distance) out of a string in XNA?

I have a string of integers, e.g. “42 52 76”. They represent positions on a (x, y) screen. I know exactly what the numbers represent (I’m literally using an emulator), but I’m still a bit confused about using strings.
How can I transform this string into motion across space?
I need to take the numbers I’ve got, read them off the screen (each is a single point), and then be able to say, “Move (point) across screen, outputting that point, every 100 pixels” or something like that, for me to then take that into the rendering engine and have all sorts of other XNA-ish things happen.
I don’t want to do it literally with the string, though (not yet).


This answer has now moved to this question, but I still believe my original answer is still valid in terms of how it solves the original problem, so I’ve moved it as a cross-post.
I don’t believe there’s a way to do what you want in XNA that doesn’t involve you creating a class to represent screen coordinates. So the first


Dire Vengeance Features Key:

  • Two players competing to be the best speed racer
  • A single player mode where you can improve your skills and possible beat your best time
  • Online races featuring leagues of top speed racers
  • Multiple courses designed by veteran speed runners to go beyond everyday tracks
  • Tons of powerups and customizable vehicles
  • Advanced shading style and high quality detail
  • Extremely high frame rates optimized for gaming and graphics-intensive work
  • Wunderling DX is developed by

    • Cristian Grabulan of Grabulan Studios
    • Gabriel Perugini of UnoGame
    • Sebien Tomasz of Sergokenga

    Cristian Grabulan

    Link to facebook

    Gabriel Perugini

    Link to facebook

    Sebien Tomasz

    Link to facebook


    We have 8.20 and 8.21 sessions to test the new map(s) and new features coming in the current version. We will start testing the new features of v1.44 today. If you have any feedback concerning this, feel free to send it our way. v1.4 

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    This is an action-RPG in the same vein of Black and Red. It features 3 main characters (the Sato brothers), a large cast of characters, a gigantic setting, and countless amounts of challenges and side-quests.

    It does have an English translation, but it does not have voice-overs (and it won’t have them. First of all, because Japanese voice actors are still more famous than English ones, but it would be hard to implement them. Secondly, because they won’t be needed).

    Is it worth playing?
    Like I said before, this game is a fair adaptation from its Japanese counterparts, but it does not need voice-overs or anything like that. It was made with a Western audience in mind, so everything that it has is not at all needed.

    If you can get past the looks, it’s really not very difficult, and I’m sure some people will find it fun to play.

    Waste of time
    This is very unimpressive game to me and this is me giving it one star.

    There’s not much else to say about this game, as it is quite simple. It doesn’t have voice-overs, and if you’ve played this sort of games before, you can get the gist of how this game functions.

    If you’re looking for anything more than the basic gameplay of this game, you’ll be disappointed. I don’t have high expectations, so when the game fails to do anything as basic as its titles, I won’t be surprised.

    It’s a game where you hack, slash, and slay your way to become a respected fighter. How would that be, you ask? Well, if you’re facing a boss (which you are always going to), he gets a red bar in the top-left corner of the screen, the one on the left is for damage, the one on the right is for experience, and the one in the bottom-left is for money and to get back to the bosses arena (to fight him again).

    Bosses usually have a certain number of abilities that can be unleashed, and they get stronger as you fight them, increasing their experience. However, they also get weaker, making it a balancing act of sorts.

    You start the game with a given character, and you’ll be leveling it up while


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    Battle with all sorts of crazy enemies:

    Slashers, bosses, bosses, bosses!

    Inside the game
    Everything a speedrun would need:

    Contrast is a retro shooter for the HTC Vive, created by TomBrougham. A career Space Ace – and now the Bounty Hunter. Armed to the teeth and dead set on revenge, you’ll play as a hardened war veteran who is determined to see off the men responsible for the death of your family. Visit the rift, find the secrets of the bounty and eliminate them.


    In this vlog I am playing Contrast, a retro shooter with a twist, created by Tom Brougham. I give you an insight into what the game is like. From what I have played so far, it’s beautiful.
    I also talk about how to play all the different game modes. Is it a matter of perks and upgrades? What can you do in the story mode compared to the mission mode?
    I talk about the rift, the main area of the game, where a large scale story begins, with great bosses and very cool bosses.
    Now let’s talk about the weapon system, the perk


    What’s new: