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Dashing Dinos is an addictive, take-your-favorite-dinosaur-to-school-each-day, arcade-style, physics-based dinosaur-themed game on App Store.
Follow the game below to watch the trailer, download Dashing Dinos from App Store, get Dashing Dinos free, and share it with your friends!
Design, create and collect dinos based on real-life species.
Explore new maps, kill evil enemies and collect scores!
Discover the mechanics, growth and evolution of each dino.
Touch and feel each dino’s skin, ride on their back, and feed them to get the best score.
Quickly grow dinos by unlocking gifts and expand your
dino collection by launching dino bombs.
Collect dinosaur treats, armor, shoes and other accessories.
Battle of dinos against other players.
Make your way through the struggle of an educational dino school.
Express your creativity through unique dino skins.
Keep the skin progress history in the game.
Post your best photos on Facebook to be featured on the dino gallery.
Watch the trailer below for Dashing Dinos:
Learn more about Dashing Dinos, the official Dashing Dinos Facebook Page,
and follow us on Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.
*Disclaimer: Dashing Dinos is developed by ToyFreak Studio, is completely free to play, and contains advertising.
The game may include social media and advertising links, and third-party analytics service.
By pressing “Install” and “Play” you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.
Check the Online Privacy Policy for more information.

App Description

Your favorite dinosaur-themed game on the APP STORE is here to surprise you with some new features, new dinos, more maps, characters, and levels!
To get ready for the upcoming holiday Halloween, Dashing Dinos is adding a Halloween theme and making some small upgrades!
You can now play a fun new map with Halloween decorations and take your dinos to the in-game school to unlock new skills.
But if you’re looking for something super frightening, you better stay away from the school-it’s full of cuddly new dinos!
Add the new Halloween Update to your app and start playing today!
For any suggestions,


Features Key:

  • 4 NEW additional characters
  • 5 NEW additional costumes
  • NEW additional roles
  • +3 NEW additional additional role
  • 3 NEW additional storyline
  • 4 SECOND NEW additional storyline
  • ENHANCED advance story with Japanese voice
  • ENHANCED lines and silences
  • NEW additional additional roles
  • NEW additional additional roles
  • 4 NEW additional additional costumes
  • NEW additionally additional additional costumes
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    This is a great pack. The scenarios are well-presented and diverse. The track will prove a challenge even to the very best of Train Sim’s most experienced train men.

    I’m looking forward to my trial for all of the scenarios in this pack. I don’t expect them all to be easy, but for one, I’m looking forward to the route to work on your website.

    This has easily become one of the most sought after add-ons. It is well crafted with many challenging scenarios. Also, it is priced well.

    I wish there were more careers in the game, but I have gotten used to the scenario pack one after using it extensively since last year’s release. In fact, I’ve improved my engine handling, know what lines make sense, and of course have learned to approach the switches the right way now!

    A good collection of scenarios, has a lot of the ‘hot’ market for hobbyists today.

    I have to admit that I didnt play much of the scenarios included with this release but I found two scenarios in particular were really difficult. They seem to work with several different engines but are very hard.

    Please do not remove them as they are really enjoyable. Maybe something about their re-layout that makes it difficult.

    BTW, the about me section only works correctly when using Google Chrome.

    Great additions to my existing fleet. I enjoy switching between the scenarios and maintaining my balance! Nice scenery all around and clear instructions for new players. Nice that there are more careers in this pack, than just industrial lines. I was a little confused about what I should do for my second scenario, however, you have detailed the process for switching from freight to maintenance, which was much appreciated. I particularly enjoyed the first scenario.

    I think this pack should get more reviews. There are some interesting scenarios. Of course, it is really hard to play on the mainline on Sherman Hill without real tracks. However, I think it is a good excuse to try to get good control over the engines. It is nice that some scenarios use real routes on the main line.

    I was a little disappointed with the main line scenarios but that’s a lot more realistic and challenging than it is on this site ( at least from my perspective ).

    Other add-ons I have purchased in the past for Train Sim is simply not available ( not for money at least ).

    Overall, I have enjoyed this scenario pack


    What’s new: