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Figure 4. Typing format of the 3DS. (Upper left) The stylus is pointed at the screen to draw line segments, square shapes, and circles. (Upper right) By pressing A, squares with different heights and lengths can be made. (Lower left) Squares are made by pressing A with the stylus in a desired position. (Lower right) Numbers and letters can be typed by pressing the various buttons.

Endocrocademy series

The endocrocademy series is the game’s educational mission. It focuses on teaching people how to use a 3DS to play endoscopy games and experience the satisfaction of winning. By learning how to take and operate images, the endocrocademy games are related to real-world situations, and can thus capture people’s attention and help them exercise their curiosity.

The endocrocademy series takes a different approach from other game series on endoscopy. It is a series of games, each of which is designed to teach a specific set of skills about the endoscope, using the 3DS’s user interface (figure 5). For example, endocrocademy#1 teaches people how to take an image and use the endoscope to observe a foreign body. While endocrocademy#1 is free, you may need to register to use endocrocademy#2 and endocrocademy#3, because they require a login in order to determine whether or not you have taken pictures and used the endoscope that meet the requirements of the game.

Figure 5. Map of the endocrocademy series. Each map represents an endoscopy game. “How to take a picture” and “How to use the endoscope” are essentially the steps of the endoscopy.

How to take a picture

“How to take

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Autocom Cdp 2013.1 Keygen Download No Virus

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