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AutoCAD is a complex product, used to create detailed drawings, such as architectural and engineering drawings, as well as a quick design tool used by auto enthusiasts and hobbyists to draw their own cars.

Released as part of AutoCAD 2.0, the graphic user interface (GUI) has changed very little over the years. The old version of AutoCAD had a DOS-based interface, while later releases were released with Windows-based graphical interface.

The major advances in AutoCAD since its initial release date are its ability to import and export vector and raster graphics formats. Further, AutoCAD has also been released as a web app as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The current version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2020, and the free AutoCAD Mobile App.

A comparison chart of current AutoCAD versions is listed below:

AutoCAD Architecture Design and Engineering Web app 2020 Mobile app 2020

AutoCAD 2020 offers significant performance improvements over previous AutoCAD versions. This allows you to design more complex projects and to use a greater resolution.

Table Of Contents:

AutoCAD 2020 File types: vector, raster, DXF

AutoCAD 2020 is designed to support DXF, Vector, and Raster files.

The DXF (Data Exchange Format) file format was introduced by AutoCAD to replace DXF formats from previous versions.

The vector and raster file formats are the most familiar for CAD designers. The vector files are composed of paths which represent the drawings’ lines, arcs, and shapes.

The drawing is not stored as a separate file, but rather is saved as an XML document.

In AutoCAD 2.0, the text editor was replaced with a GUI-based editor. While the 2.0 version of AutoCAD is great, one of its most significant drawbacks was the lack of a text editor.

The primary text editing feature of AutoCAD was the ability to enter text directly into the drawing, and then save the changes directly into the file. This proved useful for quickly and easily entering text into a drawing or drawing template.

Using AutoCAD’s powerful text and spell-check tools, AutoCAD users can write and edit text as easily as they draw and edit other objects.

When a file is opened in AutoCAD, AutoCAD will offer

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.NET language is based on C#.
AutoCAD Architecture was based on the Open Architecture Framework, released for free in 2014.
AutoCAD Electrical was based on the Open Architecture Framework, released for free in 2014.
AutoCAD Civil 3D was based on the Open Architecture Framework, released for free in 2014.
Autodesk Architectural Desktop is a line of construction software used to create engineering and architectural documents, including 3D and 2D architectural design, Civil 3D and MEP packages. Autodesk’s Architectural Desktop was created with the intent to bring the best aspects of AutoCAD into a 3D software package and add additional functions and tools not available in AutoCAD. Autodesk Architectural Desktop was first released in the middle of 2008 and added features as AutoCAD updated its features.

Autodesk CADDY was the name given to a predecessor to AutoCAD Architecture in the late 1990s. It was a CAD extension to the AutoCAD Architecture suite.

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Open the file explorer in Autocad 2015. (see picture below)

1. Go to the folder “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad 2015” (this is for the older versions of Autocad)
2. Open the folder “Customization”
3. Open the folder “Innovation”
4. Double click on “ThisCompany.exe”
5. When it opens up, right-click the “Generate Automation Keys” icon and select “Generate”.
6. A window should popup, select “Generate file”.

7. This will generate a list of keys and folders. You will notice that it has “Company” and “User” in the title.
8. Copy “Company” and paste it into the title bar of your account.
9. Copy “User” and paste it into the “username” field of your user.
10. Click “Next”.
11. Click “Save”.
12. Click “Finish”.
13. Congratulations, you have now unlocked your account for Autocad to use.
14. Close the Autocad installer, quit the program, and run Autocad again.

Note: You must reboot before any Autocad services will begin to work.


When generating keys, it is possible to generate multiple for the same account.

Known bugs
As a workaround for the 2017 update

The following is a list of known bugs and workarounds for the 2017 and 2018 updates.

Generate Automation Keys – fixed
Personal License – Fixed


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What’s New In?

The new Markup tool allows you to send detailed feedback to your co-workers, add a new item to your drawing by drawing directly over an existing item, and you can even import a drawing to create a reference.

Drafting and Plotting Tools:

Draw and plot to a range of defined precision — draft your projects with minimum, centimeter, or millimeter accuracy.

Make dynamic, interactive plots with sliders, color palettes, and customized legends and titles.

Change drawings while drafting or plotting — your work doesn’t have to stop. Simply access your Draft tab, edit your drawing as needed, then plot or draft as usual.

Add drawing annotations and your own comments to existing drawings.

In 2018, we’ve introduced a number of new tools to AutoCAD in addition to our longtime standard suite of drafting and plotting tools. Here are some of the highlights you’ll find in the new version of AutoCAD.


We’ve added some amazing new drafting tools to AutoCAD. Our new sketch and draw tools allow you to generate vector-based diagrams quickly and easily, and with your edits and strokes applied in real time, eliminating the need to redraw.

Some of the other enhancements in AutoCAD 2023 include:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition, this video shows the new Blockly tool in action:

As with previous versions of AutoCAD, we’ve enhanced our 3D drafting tools. AutoCAD 2023 features the new Sketch 3D and Measure 3D commands. These commands are designed to help you create 3D models quickly and easily, and you can use your drawings from any supported device.

If you are a SketchUP modeler or have a desire to make 3D drawings with the SketchUP modeler, we’ve added the new Import SketchUP Tool to the Drafting category of the Tools menu. This tool will allow you to import SketchUP models into AutoCAD.


AutoCAD 2023 continues to have more than 45 plotting options and 17 plot styles. One of the most exciting updates for plotters is the addition of dynamic legends and titles.

Plotting Enhancements:

Dynamic Legends and Titles:

Add dynamic legends and titles to your plots — even legends and titles based on formatting. (video: 2:00 min

System Requirements:

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