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You can tell you’re viewing a photo in Photoshop because the menu on the top of the window contains the usual image editing tools, like Image→Adjustments, Filters, and Layers. The screen display might also have some tools that work only when editing a photo: like the `Add Layer` button, used to add a new layer to the image; and a color picker to select the color of one of the layers, or the viewfinder to look at the photo with the Layers panel visible. The Window menu contains all the other features of Photoshop, like the movie maker, which you’ll learn how to use in a few pages. The Help menu contains a wealth of information.

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What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is made by Adobe. It is a multifunctional software that has all the basic features for a graphic editor. It allows you to edit photos and create graphics.

Features of Photoshop Elements

It has all the features of the traditional Photoshop but with some differences. Here are some of them:

The most used features of Photoshop Elements are:

Cutting the image


Applying filters

Filtering and correcting colors

Converting images to different formats

All those functions can be done within Photoshop Elements.

Tips and Tricks for Learning

If you are new to the software, here are some tips and tricks to help you:

Press Ctrl + T to quickly bring up a toolbox.

In the toolbox, click the user-defined tool icon, and choose a brush, for example, a paintbrush.

To apply it to the image, place the cursor on the image, then click.

Press Ctrl + T and choose a selection tool, for example, the lasso.

To apply it to the image, click it.

To edit the selection, press Ctrl + Alt + T.

To delete the selection, press Ctrl + Backspace.

The section to learn the most about the software is the Brush Tool. To learn it, follow these steps:

In the Toolbox, click the brush icon.

To select a brush, click it, and it turns gray.

Drag the brush to apply it to the image.

Press Ctrl + T to show a toolbox with additional brushes.

Select a Stroke and click it to choose a style.

To create a new brush, drag the Bristles icon on the toolbox to create a new brush.

You can apply several colors at the same time with a set of colors called a color palette. For example, you can create a special brush to colorize an image by dragging the colors on the palette and applying them to the image.

You can save custom brushes as a Smart Object to use them over and over again. Smart Objects are also used for adding special effects on your photos with Photoshop after you’ve edited them.

Painting with a brush

You can choose a brush to apply it to the image.

Click the brush icon in

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1. Open a file.
2. Make sure the Crop tool (or one of the other crop tools) is selected.
3. Click-and-drag to crop off the unwanted portion.
4. Click OK to crop out the area. You will see the cropped section of the image that was selected.
5. Select the Clone Stamp tool.
6. Click on the image you want to fix. Make sure the image is in the active layer.
7. Press and hold Ctrl/Command (Windows) or Command (Mac), and click-and-drag the Clone Stamp tool to the area of the image you want to repair. Click to remove the old area and click to put the new area there.
8. Repeat the same process until the entire area is repaired.
9. Save the image.

# Features and their uses

This section covers the various features available in Photoshop. A list of other features that may be of interest can be found in Appendix A, which contains a complete list of the features found in the CS6 version of Photoshop.

## Adjustment Layers

Some operations in Photoshop require the use of layer masks. This is where adjustment layers come in. They allow you to apply an adjustment to an image without affecting any other portion of the image. After the adjustment is applied to the image, a layer mask appears. The layer mask allows you to hide and show the adjustment layer.

## Painting

Painting allows you to apply colors, textures, and paint strokes to an image. This is a very powerful tool because it can be used for many different purposes. You can use it to:

* Paint text
* Paint a texture on your image
* Create an image that will easily blend into the background

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